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Al Qaida kingpin shifted to US custody
Suspected September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was in US custody today, a US official said, and was expected to be questioned on details of planned al Qaida attacks after his weekend capture. ...  | Read.. 
Focus on IRA as talks begin
Northern Ireland’s leaders began crucial talks on a final peace settlement today, with IRA guerrillas under increasing pressure to lay down their arms for good. ...  | Read.. 
Britain to simulate ‘catastrophic incident’
Britain announced plans today to simulate a “catastrophic incident” in London as part of intensified contingency preparations for any terror attack. ...  | Read.. 
Scientist raises gene fears
One of Britain’s leading scientists spoke today of his fears of genetic discrimination if people are not prepared for the medical advances expected in the next two decades. ...  | Read.. 
German supermodel Heidi Klum during a carnival parade in Cologne on Monday. (AFP)
Li jets to the top
Ice trouble
Anna talk
China gears up for Congress
China heads into a two-week session of parliament today that will put the finishing touches to a sw..  | Read.. 
What price' Evangelista gets out of bed
Linda Evangelista, the original supermodel and star of the 1980s and early 1990s, got out of bed an..  | Read.. 
Osama prefers death to disguise
Bearded and of towering stature, the world’s most wanted ma ...  | Read.. 

US option for Saddam
The US today said Iraq President Saddam Hussein would not b ...  | Read.. 

UN health warning
With many Iraqis still dying from the effects of the 1991 ...  | Read.. 

Rout shocks Iran moderates
Iran’s reformists today put a brave face on their worst ele ...  | Read.. 

In Dublin, better own a taxi
Michael O’Leary, head of Irish-based budget airline Ryanai ...  | Read..