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Roadmap to chaos corridors
- Flyovers, repairs and sewer work signal traffic turmoil at every turn

Pull out your road maps and guard against road rage, Calcuttans. Between flyovers, road repairs and manholes, watch out for a twist at each turn and chaos at every crossroad.

The police on Monday announced a list of roads to avoid and take. To improve the approach road to the Gariahat flyover, traffic has been diverted, effective March 1. From Gol Park to the Gariahat crossing, the western flank of Gariahat Road (South) will be closed till March 20.

Vehicles coming from the south can either take the flyover, or, to go west to Rashbehari Avenue, take Purna Das Road. Vehicles coming from the south and going towards Bijon Setu will either have to take Purna Das Road and Rashbehari and go straight through the Gariahat junction, or use the flyover and turn right at Swinhoe Street to take Cornfield Road.

The western flank (the left lane) of Gariahat Road (North,) from Gol Park to where the flyover ends in front of Pantaloons, will be closed to all vehicles, except those bound for the lane housing Duncan Gleneagles clinic, from March 20 to April 9. Other vehicles will have to take a U-turn from ITI, at the Mandeville Gardens crossing.

The eastern flank, from the Gariahat crossing to Gol Park, will be off-limits from April 9 to April 29. Cars bound for that stretch will be given access under the flyover. The eastern side, from the Gariahat crossing to the end of the flyover on the Ballygunge side, will have a no-entry sign from April 29 to May 13. To reach Bijon Setu, vehicles will take a right at ITI to reach Swinhoe Street and Cornfield Road.

So much for the south. In the city’s business hub, repair work will commence at the Esplanade crossing and in front of the Metro channel, from March 4, So, the New Bypass Road must be used. North-bound vehicles on Jawaharlal Nehru Road coming from the Dorina crossing (SN Banerjee-Jawaharlal Nehru Road), buses from New Road and the Esplanade bus terminus, will access the New Bypass Road, wide enough for only two lanes of traffic.

For work on the Park Street flyover, 300 metres of Jawaharlal Nehru Road, on the western side, in front of Kanak Building, will be barricaded. North-bound vehicles will take the newly-constructed road.

To add to the traffic trouble, the Calcutta Municipal Corporation will start work on manhole repairs on main roads across the city from Tuesday to prevent waterlogging during the monsoon. All along Free School Street, Marquis Street and Market Street, 14 manholes will be constructed, so the middle of the carriageway will be blocked. Similar projects on Rashbehari Avenue, Hazra Road and AJC Bose Road will compound the car crawl, soon.

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