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Lucky, the cock, slashes master

Gopiballavpur (West Midnapore), March 3: A cockfight went awry when an aggressive fowl turned on its owner here this afternoon and severely wounded him to the shock of spectators and fans of this none-too-sporting contest.

Lucky was a favourite with his owner, Gour Das, a resident of Belduar village, till the bird pushed him to the brink of death with deep slashes of the blades fixed to its feet.

Spectators at Hatibari Chowk, who frequently bet on cockfights, said Lucky had won three straight contests and severely wounded his opponents before the mishap took place.

“It was when Gour wanted Lucky to face yet another opponent that the bird rushed out of the arena refusing to fight any more,” said Harish Mahato, a local resident.

The fowl’s swipe at its owner was so vicious that several deep cuts narrowly missed Gour’s heart and kidneys, said circle inspector Manab Mukherjee.

“The blades narrowly missed his (Gour’s) heart, in the initial stages of the attack, and later when the man was bent over, the blades almost got close to his kidneys,” Mukherjee said.

“So violent was the attack, I would say the man had a very close shave with death,” he added.

Gour, a timekeeper at the Hatibari bus stand, had bought Lucky earlier this year and became a minor celebrity around these parts for having picked a winner.

A passionate cockfight enthusiast, Gour turned down several offers even though some villagers had offered to pay as much as Rs 500 to buy the fowl. Gour would boast his Lucky was the best fighter.

Lucky had brought Gour some hard-fought victories and the bird acquired a reputation for being an indomitable opponent in the local cockfight circuit.

As Lucky attacked its owner this afternoon, Gour lay on the ground writhing in agony and bleeding profusely from the gnashes sustained on his back, chest and legs.

“We saw Gour slump on the ground, bent over, his hands covering his face and eyes and the bird on his back stabbing at his body with the two-and-half inch blades tied to its feet,” said a horrified local resident Subir Das.

Only after some local cockfight enthusiasts and experts at handling violent birds intervened and grabbed Lucky Gour was rescued from its wrath.

Gour was immediately rushed to the nearest primary healthcentre, where doctors administered a number of stitches to cover up his gaping wounds.

The red and black speckled bird was later deposited at the police station for safe-keep till its master recovered from the wounds sustained in its attack.

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