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Mugabe-baiters land up in jail

Harare: Zimbabwe police detained 42 people during the Holland-Zimbabwe World Cup match in Bulawayo on Friday after they displayed posters critical of President Robert Mugabe, one of their lawyers said on Saturday.

Police also detained 19 clergymen for eight hours on Friday in the capital Harare as authorities made good on a pledge to crack down on protests during the World Cup matches. “We’ve got about 42 people detained from yesterday and as at nine o’clock today only one juvenile had been released. There’s been talk of posters at the cricket match but as far as I am aware they have not been charged,” the lawyer from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said. Witnesses said one poster held up during the match equated Mugabe with Adolf Hitler, but police soon removed it. Bulawayo police could not be reached for comment.

In Harare police detained 19 clergymen for six hours on Friday and charged them under a harsh security law after they marched to police headquarters to protest against what they called a campaign of violence against them.

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