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A perfect 10 on play-safe
If valour is a soldierly quality and discretion the badge of the diplomat, Jaswant Singh has allowed the major in him to lie low. ...  | Read.. 
Opposition takes up farm cudgels
Opposition parties today slammed finance minister Jaswant Singh’s maiden budget, saying it lacked credible proposals to revive the economy or confront its structural challenges and had failed to address the distress situ ...  | Read.. 
Baggage from South in North
Jaswant Singh simply can’t take off his foreign minister’s hat. ...  | Read.. 
It’s just another game, well, not quite
Sourav warns against dangers of emotion, Waqar talks of maturity before crunch match
Sydney. Bangalore. Manchester... Come tomorrow and Sourav Ganguly’s Team India would like to add Centurion. No Indian side, after all, has lost a World Cup game to Pakistan a ...  | Read.. 
A perfect 10 on play-safe
Overall it is a good budget with a major thrust on core sector and development
Sunil mittal
The budget is full of token measures to deal with what are serious problems
Manmohan Singh
Jaswant Singh’s definition of a housewife clearly excludes millions of rural women whose families will be badly hit
Brinda Karat
I endeavour to make easy that which Einstein found so difficult
Jaswant Singh
Short on delivery, like predecessors
Usually the annual budget exercise runs a typical course — it is high on promise but falls low on ac ...  | Read..
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BJP & allies begin rollback clamour
Barely had Jaswant Singh unveiled the budget than the BJP and its alli ...   | Read.. 
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Fight over playground on burial ground
A faceless village in Burdwan is posing a grave problem to two governm ...   | Read.. 
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US target in Karachi attack on consulate
An Islamic extremist shot dead two policemen guarding the US consulate in ...   | Read.. 
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Sourav awaits his big Cup ‘debut’ day
Thirty two months is a long time in sport, perhaps more so when it com ...   | Read.. 
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Court rap for Board delay
Ambalika Hazra, of Burdwan’s Sevak Sangha High School, had refused to accep ...   | Read.. 
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From first principles
The author is director, India Development Foundation ...   | Read.. 
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Cost of a charm offensive
Finance minister Jaswant Singh’s budget lays a major emphasis on fisca ...   | Read.. 
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Oxford votes in favour of America
In a vaulted and august chamber that has rung to American voices as di ...   | Read..