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US target in Karachi attack on consulate
An Islamic extremist shot dead two policemen guarding the US consulate in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi today and wounded five other officers and a passerby, police said. ...  | Read.. 
Pak unsure over UN council vote
Pakistan, an Islamic nation that supports the US war on terror, said today that it had not decided which way to vote on the Iraq resolution in the UN Security Council and tha ...  | Read.. 
Iraq to obey UN orders
Iraq said today it would obey UN orders to destroy its ballistic missiles and could start doing so tomorrow, but the US and allies accused Baghdad of playing games over disar ...  | Read.. 
North Korea to cross nuclear ‘red lines’
North Korea, which is reported to have fired up a key nuclear reactor, now looks set to raise tensions further by preparing to start reprocessing plutonium and test a ballist ...  | Read.. 
Pamela Anderson during the Opera Ball in Vienna on Thursday. (AFP)
Steamy Starbucks
Rope ruckus
Daring dig
Driver doze
Broadway hit Guys and Dolls follows Chicago
How does a film studio top the Oscar-nominated Chicago' Try putting together a movie musical..  | Read.. 
Nervous Oscars keep fingers crossed
Hollywood is putting the final touches on its annual Oscar extravaganza while wondering whether one..  | Read.. 
Britons have lost faith in Blair and govt: Poll
Most people no longer have faith in Tony Blair or his g ...  | Read.. 

Malay banks switch to smart cards
Malaysian banks launched chip-based ATM cards today followi ...  | Read.. 

Tigers renege on peace pledge
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels reneged today on a pledge ma ...  | Read..