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BORN FREE: (Top) Migratory birds in flight above the zoo. The injured teal after being rescued.

Stay up nights, hear nothing, speak no evil

The report ‘Noise nuisance tag on Reliance cable work’, published in Metro on January 25, clearly shows the lack of coordination among different government authorities. Though Reliance Infocomm is going to fulfill the ‘dream of the common man’ i.e. connectivity at affordable rates, it still has no authority to disturb every man’s birthright — his sleep.

It is amazing to note the Reliance official’s claim that “the machines do not cause any noise”. How could such a heavy machine operate without any sound' The statement of DC (south) Kuldip Singh is itself contradictory when he says that permission had been granted only on condition that no one would be disturbed. How could he even imagine that dig-and-drill operations would not disturb anyone' On the other hand, he seems to have no objection to the laying of optic fibres at night. Reliance Infocomm is functioning without prior permission from the PCB, which is mandatory. The task of laying fibres has reached its end and the second phase will also get completed, without anyone to put a check on it. The local police station with its lackadaisical attitude will ensure that.

Gunjeet Wadhna,

Rai Bahadur Road.

Mission of mercy

Apropos the report ‘Wounded wing on mercy flight’, (Metro, January 25), it is great to learn that wildlife club members rescued an injured lesser whistling teal from the Hooghly banks. The variety of birds in and around the city has been decreasing, thanks to cruel people who target them. Such efforts will help check the trend.

Prahlad Agarwala,


Teacher’s travails

The job of a teacher in a government school is not always rewarding. Government institutions are reluctant to change. After years of persuasion, an employee is left with little option but to give up. The case of Jayati Pradhan (A post too far for teacher with cancer, Metro, January 30) is no different. Keeping in mind her track record and her ailment, the education minister should do something for her.

Anushree Goenka,


Blot on society

Could a woman raped by a rogue and deserted by her mother ask for more than death (Rebuff from kin, relief in death, Metro, January 28)' Such an incident revolts against our senses. The mother, after her daughter’s demise, can perhaps face society sans “any stigma”. We bow our heads in shame, and, on behalf of society, beg the spirit of the helpless woman to forgive us.

Monoj Kumar Biswas,



Wedding on wheels

It was great to know that Santanu Bandopadyay, a CTC employee, went to his marriage ceremony in a decorated tram (A tram brought the groom, Metro, January 23). The CTC should extend this facility to outsiders, too.

Bhupen Bose,

Dum Dum Park.

Healthy step

Apropos the report ‘Monitor men for medicare’ (Metro, January 25), nursing homes are taking advantage of helpless patients and charging inflated amounts. The government cannot remain a passive spectator.

Ranu Mukherjee,


lIt is welcome news that the state government is forming a task force to monitor private health centres that are engaged in fleecing people in the name of “extra” services. Such malpractices should be curbed with an iron hand.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.


Apropos the item ‘Bank manager held’ (City Diary, Metro, February 19), the officer arrested belongs to SBI Home Finance Limited and not State Bank of India, Shakespeare Sarani branch, as published.

Assistant General Manager (PR & CSB),

State Bank of India.

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