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Warne admits to taking a pill in December, too
Its been the toughest two weeks of my life... I want to get on with my life, cop the penalty and just get on with it

Sydney: Putting to rest speculations about the number of diuretic pills he had consumed before being banned, disgraced spinner Shane Warne Tuesday admitted that he had taken a similar tablet in early December before sustaining the shoulder injury.

Speaking on a television channel, Warne said he was given the pill by his mother Brigitte to get rid of an alchohol-induced double chin.

I was (drug) tested on December 12 which was negative. This was before the injury I was injured on the 15th. It has since come up at the hearing that there were small traces of the same ingredients that I was tested positive for in January.

I admitted to the hearing that I had taken a tablet in early December. I was doing a lot of wine promotions. Id had a couple too many bottles of wine and had a few late nights.

I took a fluid tablet then that was the first time she (Brigitte) gave it to me. It was to get rid of a double chin, said Warne, who is serving a 12-month ban after testing positive for diuretic.

Id just come back from Tasmania where Id played a one-day game. I was disappointed because wed lost the game and we were out of the one-day competition. And Id had a couple too many and came home and I took a fluid tablet then.

The leg-spinner also regretted for not paying any heed to Australian Sports Drugs Agency (ASDA) briefing on banned substances but added that he never took the tablet to mask anything.

No I didnt the same as when I was at school and I never paid any attention. Whether you hate me or like me the facts of the matter are that I dont read much. I dont take a lot of interest in the outside world. I just play cricket and all I worry about is my next game.

The December 12 test showed small traces of the same thing. That was before my operation that proves I didnt take the fluid tablet to mask anything.

Warne, with 491 Test wickets to his credit, vehemently denied having ever taken any performance-enhancing drugs.

Ive never needed to, I never have and I never will take them. One side of me says get out there, appeal and get less penalty because its not fair.

Another side of me says, Im a human being, I want to get on with my life, cop the penalty and just get on with it. I dont want to rush into a decision ... Whether I just go away for 12 months, I just dont know at this stage. I dont want to be rushed into anything until its clear what I want to do.

The 12-month ban would cost him around $ 3 million (Aus) and cost me time. Thats been very tough for my family. Its been the toughest two weeks of my life.

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