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Slow on speed, high on heritage

Debashish Chakraborty,

Yes, certainly. So far as pollution is concerned, trams should be run to promote tourism. Journey by tram is comfortable, smooth and pollution-free. The government should extend the limited network to help tourists. It will be sad if trams are done away with.

Prasenjit Das,

Yes, obviously. Calcutta is already polluted with too many vehicles. If trams are promoted, then the city will be free from pollution and traffic jams.

Govind Das Dujari,
Diamond Harbour Road.

Calcutta Tramways Company is already running at a loss. It will not be wise to run trams for promoting tourism only, which would not cover even a fraction of the vast expenditure. Yes, promoting tourism alongside normal services is certainly a welcome idea. Transportation of marriage parties is also catching the fancy of local people. Air-conditioned tramcars will also attract tourists for sight-seeing. Arrangements can be made to park the trams at important places by branching out from the existing tracks.

Lalita Agarwal,
Bagmari Lane.

Trams have great utility. Being a pollution-free and comfortable transport, the elderly prefer availing of a tram than a bus. Moreover, in some areas like Chitpur, the road is one-way and tram is the only available transport for people going towards Esplanade. So trams should not be used only for tourism.

Rowland Road.

Trams are part of our heritage and is a pollution-free mode of transport. Though a little slow, it is cheap. Some trams could be used for tourism to earn more revenue but simultaneously, it should also be open to the public.

Barsha Chabaria,
Rabindra Nagar.

We are fortunate to have trams in the city. Trams by themselves are a source of attraction for tourists. But its low speed often creates traffic snarls. If trams are to be used for promotion of tourism then they should be accelerated and run in some select areas.

Michelle Mendes,
Marquis Lane.

I do not agree. Trams are more convenient than the killer buses! I think trams are best left to function as they do.

Aakash Kamal Misra,
Address not given.

Trams are no doubt the most eco-friendly and least risk-prone mode of transport. It is best to run it in open areas like the Maidan and give it a heritage status.

Aparajita dasgupta,

There are high-speed trams abroad which can be used to promote tourism.

Bright Street.

No! Absurd idea. There simplyaren’t enough tourists around to make it a viable option. Tram drivers and conductors should be encouraged to attract passengers by allowing them to take home a portion on ticket sales apart from the salary they draw now.

Asutosh College.

This sounds like a conspiracy to grab real estate at prime locations, like Park Circus, Rajabazar, Tollygunge, that houses the tram depots now. There is also an opportunity to coerce existing passengers of trams to take to minibuses and auto rickshaws. But I, for one, will continue to commute by tram, until the service is phased out. And for your information I am only 30.

T.R. Anand,
Budge Budge Trunk Road.

No, trams are an eco-friendly mode of transport. Therefore, they should be kept operative even to take passengers from one corner to another of Calcutta as it is done today.

Pravati Maulik Gupta,
Address not given.

Trams have been an effective means of transportation and play an important part for promoting tourism. They preserve the rich heritage of our city in a special way.

Colin Street.

Tramcars are deteriorating in necessity, ever since the inception of Metro Railways. Moreover, the routes which are being covered by trams are also covered by autorickshaws and buses. So the tram should be removed totally. In case it cannot be removed, then it is better to use it for limited purposes like tourism.

Piku Bondopadhay,
Address not given.

Apart from promoting tourism, trams also serve as a daily means of transport for a large number of commuters. Trams are pollution-free and cheap. They are also of convenience to aged citizens who find it difficult to travel in crowded buses. Trams should be retained as a part of the city’s heritage.

Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee,
Kamdahari, Garia.

No. Trams should not run only to promote tourism. Calcuttans should not be deprived of such an eco-friendly transport. For the tourists, special trams can ply and enhance CTC earnings.

S.S. Almal,
Address not given.

A tram ride was enjoyable some decades ago. Now it is no good. Calcutta and Delhi have Metro rail. If other modes of transport are required, the sky-bus-metro could be the best option for both the common man and tourists. Tourist tramcars are an unnecessary extravagance.

Sumant Poddar,
Kyd Street.

Whether trams should be run only to promote tourism or not is not really a debatable subject. We all know that trams have caused enough damage to most roads. Keeping in mind the increasing number of vehicles in the city, the running of trams should be restricted only to promotion of tourism. Tram is a bane and not a boon for the common man’s travel.

Pratyay Banerjee,

Calcutta is the only Indian city where trams are run. Moreover, it is associated with our culture and highlights the uniqueness of the city of joy. One can say that the tramlines make the roads rough, but one has to feel for those aged people who avail of this traditional vehicle, as they cannot board the crowded buses. Trams can surely be run to promote tourism, but without neglecting the need of the city and its citizens.

New Alipore.

No, I don’t think so. Trams are a useful mode of transport, though they travel slowly. Again, tram tracks are not available everywhere in Calcutta. So, this may not help augment the growth of tourism.

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