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Santosh Rohatgi’s search for new shapes and forms has taken her on a long sojourn over the years and she has been continuously exploring the world of visual arts. Each time her quest has yielded rich dividends. Moving from one expression to another, from one territory to another, evolves a continuous flow of style which lends her work with a fresh look and a new meaning. Through her creations she etches out the sensitive and sensual feelings of a woman, complacent or torn in strife. The present series is the result of Rohatgi’s work in the past three years and is a definitive statement of her outlook on life. The paintings reveal a new trend and technique right from the piling of colours, to the use of texture, lending a compositional weight to her works. Rohatgi’s paintings reflect her keen observation of the inner conflicts, the turbulance and turmoil in women. Her compositions are a juxtaposition of the lyrical and emotional elements. Emphasis on drawing is an important aspect of her works. The rich, sublime colours on the canvas convey a message of optimism that shines like a beacon through the all-pervasive gloom that looms heavy otherwise.

When: Till March 2; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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