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VHP demands death for cow killers

New Delhi, Feb. 23: The VHP’s dharma sansad has demanded that the Centre immediately implement the recommendations of the Guman Mal Lodha Commission on banning cow-slaughter and that the cow be declared the national animal.

“Under pressure from the Kanchi sankaracharya and other dharmacharyas and concerned citizens, the Centre set up a national commission in August 2001. The commission had as its members former Supreme Court judges and a former chief justice of a high court,” said a resolution on banning cow-slaughter passed at the sansad .

“The commission visited every state and met citizens, sants, dharmacharyas and bureaucrats and based on the data it gathered, it submitted its report to the government. But, with deep regret, we have to inform the dharma sansad and crores of Hindus that the government has put this report in cold storage,” it said.

The VHP urged the Centre to make cow-slaughter a non-bailable offence that could incur life imprisonment and even a death sentence and create a separate ministry to ensure protection to the animals.

It also demanded a ban on beef exports and closure of abattoirs.

A resolution on infiltration from Bangladesh asked the Centre to draw up a time-bound programme to identify and deport every illegal foreigner from across the eastern border.

The dharma sansad also gave a call to dismiss the West Bengal government and repeal the Illegal Migrants Determination (by Tribunal) Act operative in Assam.

Drawing a distinction between “refugees” and “infiltrators”, the organisation said: “Because of the jihadi mindset, Hindus in Bangladesh have been subjected to terrible atrocities. It is impossible for them to live in Bangladesh. At the time of Partition, the then Prime Minister had given an assurance that Hindus who chose to stay in undivided Pakistan would not be harassed.”

“Therefore, it is the fundamental obligation of the Centre to ensure that atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are stopped immediately,” it asserted.

The VHP alleged that the Bangladesh government was deliberately aiding infiltration. “It not only hopes to control its burgeoning population by doing this, but also hopes to fulfil its dream of converting India into an Islamic state.”

“Bangladesh’s axis with Pakistan and China spells trouble for India. There are terrorist training camps in Bangladesh and these infiltrators will be used to spread terrorism in India. But even now, some parties who are obsessed with Muslim vote banks as well as human rights groups raise a hue and cry whenever the government wants to act. But no self-respecting nation should brook these infiltrators.

“Despite being an Islamic country, Pakistan shoots them at sight. Even a small country like Maldives will not allow a single one to intrude on its soil,” the organisation said.

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