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After post, Kamla robbed of gold and rum

Bhopal, Feb. 23: She first lost her job on ground of her gender.

Kamla Jaan, the first eunuch mayor of Katni, has now lost all her belongings in a daylight robbery at her residence when she was in Delhi, pleading with the Supreme Court to review a high court decision that stripped her of the mayor’s post.

The robbers washed down their success with several quarters of rum and whisky and generous helpings of onion and tomatoes from Kamla’s refrigerator.

Gold worth lakhs of rupees, cash, jewellery and even Kamla’s undergarments were listed as stolen.

Kamla could hardly hide her bitterness when she spoke to The Telegraph. “The society seems to be out to deprive me of everything I have. First, a series of court cases got me removed from the mayor’s post on the ground of a gender that is not mine. When I went to seek justice at the country’s highest court, somebody entered my house and took away all that I had earned in life,” she said.

Even while admitting that several “pauvas” (quarters) of liquor were missing, Kamla claimed she was an absolute teetotaller.

“Yes it is true that the liquor has been stolen. In fact, the thieves had the audacity to sit and drink whisky and rum at my residence,” she said, but insisted that she had nothing to do with it. “My voters and well-wishers know full well that I do not drink. It was just there in the refrigerator.”

Kamla, known to be an upright and honest mayor, said the gold belonged to 12 of her “chelas (pupils)”. “We eunuchs have a guru-chela tradition. There was some gold and jewellery belonging to my gurus, Tara Bai and Taimur Bai. Then there was gold that my chelas had kept with me. I do not know how to answer them,” she said.

Kamla said she went to Delhi on February 15 to continue with her legal battle against the “system” that stripped her of the mayor’s post giving a “false” identity. Kamla became mayor under the women’s category but the courts asked her to quit on the basis of her status of a ‘male’ on the electoral roll.

Kamla said she had faith in the judiciary. “It is bizarre to judge a genderless person either as a male or female. I am confident that I would get justice from the apex court,” she said.

But Kamla admitted that she knew little about how the highest court in the country functioned. “I know the judges in Delhi are upright. Moreover, I have spent a lot of money. I gave away Rs 1,00,000 on court fees, stamp papers, lawyer’s fees and other expenses. I am bound to win the case,” she said.

The former Katni mayor said she had expected Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, leader of Opposition Sonia Gandhi and Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh to be “more sensitive”.

“It is strange that nobody has come to my rescue. Digvijay Singh does not believe in picking my phone as we (the eunuchs) do not constitute a vote bank,” said Kamla.

She saw “some link” between the court ruling and the theft at her residence. “Some of my political opponents and local mafia have come together to destroy me. First they entangled me in litigations and now they have robbed me of everything that I had. But I am a fighter and I will continue to fight,” she said.

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