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Man, born a woman, gets kids’ custody

Clearwater (Florida), Feb. 22 (Reuters): A man who was born a woman won custody of two children, with the judge ruling he is legally a male and his marriage to their mother did not violate Florida’s ban on same-sex unions.

The 800-page ruling gave Michael Kantaras sole custody of the 14-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter born to his ex-wife.

“It’s the first time there has been a transsexual custody case where the court had medical testimony presented,” Kantaras’ attorney Collin Vause said. “The judge found that Michael is medically, socially and legally a male.”

Kantaras, 42, was born Margo Kantaras and underwent surgery and hormonal treatment to become a man in the 1980s, legally changing his name to Michael in 1986.

He married Linda Forsythe Kantaras in 1989 and adopted her baby son from a previous relationship.

Later, Linda Kantaras was artificially inseminated with sperm donated from Michael’s brother and the couple had a daughter. They divorced after Michael became involved with another woman, and have battled in court for more than four years over custody of the children.

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