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No goodbye to trundling wheels

Virendra Shah,
Amratalla Lane.

It is no doubt a nice proposal. But looking at the present condition of the roads and as our politicians are inclined to scrap the so-called slow-moving transport (and have in fact done so from many areas), it appears that trams will not get the chance to promote tourism. The trams were once considered real assets and great attractions specially at night with its coloured lights and wide open-view. I wish this pollution-free boon to the aged and children a happy and healthy ride.

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge.

To avoid environment pollution, trams are the best transport system. But in this age of speed and busy life, slow-moving tram is avoided by the public. So, trams have been withdrawn from different routes by the CTC for incurring losses. Naturally, trams can be run in ceremonial occasions also, to promote tourism.

Fakre Alam,
Tiljala Lane.

I agree with the view, but trams should also be allowed to run at select places where the ride will be enjoyable. It cannot be denied that Calcutta is becoming crowded due to the number of vehicles increasing at an alarming pace. Trams only add to the chaos during the rush hours. They should be withdrawn from busy intersections like Eliot Road, Moulali, Colootolla, Burra Bazar. Trams should be run to promote tourism, besides giving some pleasure to citizens also.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

We cannot think of tram services only to promote tourism. Tourists prefer to travel by tram for a comfortable journey. So it is desirable that the tram routes should cover the places of interest in and around the city. The tourist trams must be clean, decorated and well-furnished. These steps will help in promoting tourism. Although a slow-moving vehicle, the tram is an important mode of conveyance. It takes the load off other passenger-carriers.

Naren Sen,

Utilisation of tramcars for promotion of tourism is a productive proposal. We are aware that CTC and CSTC are incurring heavy losses. But this happens to be an essential service. People prefer this mode of conveyance for comfort. But its disadvantage is that it occupies a lot of road space and causes traffic snarls when it gets derailed. The government should run tramcars in the suburbs, say from Shyambazar to Dunlop bridge and back, to boost revenue collection.

Amitava Mukherjee,

Yes, trams should be run only to promote tourism.

N.S. Ramakrishnan,
EM Bypass.

Trams are a convenient mode of transport as they provide a jerk-free ride, are easy to get in and out, and are pollution-free. But to attract tourists, their routes have to be rearranged to pass through places of interest, interiors have to be remodelled for comfort, and exteriors made attractive.

ce it is a unique mode of transport not available in other parts of the country, Calcutta should cash in on this idea as it can augment the dwindling finances of the CTC.

Kaushik Bose,
S.R. Das Road.

Trams are the cheapest and the most eco-friendly mode of transport in Calcutta and are used more by citizens than tourists. Moreover, the tram is a part of Calcutta’s rich cultural heritage and should not be limited to tourists alone.

stead, we should look to trams in London and Melbourne for ideas to make the service a viable one.

P. Pramanik,
Santoshpur Avenue.

Tramcars are pollution-free and most convenient for the old, the infirm and children. It is foolish to run trams only to promote tourism in a state where the government’s finances are dwindling.

Kanai Saha,
Gauri Bari Lane.

Definitely not. Tramcars are slow-moving, but the journey is comfortable, specially for aged people. One tramcar can carry three times the number of passengers of any other public transport. It will be sad if tramcars are to run only to promote tourism.

Tapan Pal,

Are tourists so gullible that they can be duped by trams alone, and not by infrastructure' A bandh-free society is the primary requirement to promote tourism, not trams. They will only add to traffic jams.

Susanta Kumar Bedajna,
KB Sarani.

Tram has become a white elephant, as it cannot keep pace with time. Rather, it creates snarls on the roads. It has been a burden on the exchequer owing to decreasing passenger traffic. Thus, the tram is better used for amusement of the people on tours and in other programmes for children and the aged, covering places of tourist interest. It would not only promote tourism but also help us know our city better.

Md. Ayub,
Bright Street.

No, trams should not be run only to promote tourism. The fact that Calcutta is the country’s only city to have trams should make all of us proud. It’s sad that the fleet incurs huge losses. But if the tracks are repaired and other necessary measures taken, the authorities will certainly be able to mop up more revenue. The speed of the vehicles should be increased, too, as in other European countries. Trams are pollution-free vehicles and, so, the best mode of daily transport.

Samir Chandra Saha,

The tramcar may be an environment-friendly vehicle. But in these days when speed is the deciding factor, it should not be run to promote tourism, but be withdrawn permanently.

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