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Star Spot

He is…

Just out of his teens, doesn’t know how to grip the seam to swing it towards the slips, and is convinced he’d make a better skipper than Sourav. He’s paid his respects to the nets, having discovered that his true cricketing talent lies in backseat bowling and catching the replays, not the catches — on LG or Hutch.

She is…

Still in her teens, doesn’t know the difference between a googly and a chinaman, and is convinced she’d make a better on-the-ball expert than Sidhu. And though she had threatened to put the set on mute mode every time the talkative Sardar gets on mike, she secretly misses not having his ‘isms’ around to make fun of during the Cup.

He loves…

To spend as much time as he can tearing Team India, Team Ambition, Team Flopshow apart, sipping the soapy blue ‘cola’ (or is it mouthwash for the bad taste left behind by the men in blue') doing the rounds, and ‘hate-SMSing’ furiously when the ‘best batting line-up’ in the world does its best to reduce a one-day match to a half-day mismatch.

She loves…

Being wrong only if it means the Indian team — against the odds, against her instincts, and against common sense —winning the match. When the guys shout on about Namibia having a fighting chance to exploit the gap in The Wall (her hero, Dravid, silly) and send the Indian team a-packing, she’ll stand her ground like a true-blue opener (sorry about the colour) till the final wicket falls. But her fingers are crossed forever, hoping fans like her don’t feel double-crossed, the morning after.

They join hands…

To loathe losing, losing and losing. There is a war on, and it’s not in the Gulf, as far as our fanatic is concerned. The dudes from Down Under caught the Bengal tiger (who runs scared from a sleeping lion) off guard, but it ain’t happening again, they insist (fingers crossed, again). So, see you in the Super Six, they still say.

United they stand…

Even if the boys making us go blue in the face don’t. That is the final verdict. Back the country if not the team, the flag if not the finesse, the spirit if not the success. After all, that’s what fans are for.

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