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A day singles love to hate

New York, Feb. 14 (AP): Valentine’s day is the holiday of love, to be sure. It’s also the holiday that many singles — with ever-increasing zest — love to hate.

Whether it’s organising bashes for people without sweethearts or even starting an alternative holiday, the unattached are fighting back.

In Chicago, for instance, several taverns will be hosting anti-Valentine’s day parties, complete with black balloons.On the Internet and in stores, anti-Valentine’s cards are widely available. “Out of all my wives ... You’re the best,” says one.

Diatribes against the holiday abound on anti-Valentine’s websites, with particular scorn heaped on greeting card companies, florists and confectioners. “The primary motive behind Valentine’s is money,” writes Xiaoxin Lu, a pro-celibacy activist.

“They all do this under the guise of something called love. They do this while making single people feel sad, degrading them.”

The holiday isn’t popular in some spots overseas, either.

In Iran, police this week ordered shops to remove heart-themed decorations from their windows. Advice for Valentine’s day outsiders is plentiful — don’t feel there is anything wrong with not being in a relationship, do something kind for someone in need, treat yourself to something special during the day, hook up with other single friends for some enjoyable activity.

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