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Baby boy dumped on city street

Yet another abandoned baby, but this time a boy. In a departure from the trend of infant girls being dumped at medical centres, the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital on Friday admitted a one-day-old male baby, found lying in the busy Amherst Street area.

“I was most surprised when the emergency staff told me about the baby’s admission,” said superintendent Kusum Kumar Adhikari. “This is the first time in recent memory that a male child has been abandoned. People normally dump baby girls at our hospital… Doctors and nurses have been maintaining a round-the-clock vigil by the bed on which the baby is now recuperating.” Adhikari has ordered a probe to try and ascertain whether the baby had been dumped by a member of the hospital staff or by an outsider.

Officials at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital said this was the fourth instance in the past month-and-a-half of an abandoned baby showing up on the premises. Two days ago, a baby girl was found in a bush in front of the medicine ward, sparking protests from hospital staff. The underweight infant died hours after being admitted.

Around 7 am on Friday, Amherst Street was agog with news of a baby boy, wrapped in some cloth, being found on Keshub Chandra Sen Street. Some residents alerted the nearby Amherst Street police station.

Sub-inspector D.N. Bag, accompanied by two constables, took the baby to Medical College. “The baby weighs nearly two kg and is doing quite well in the Shishu Nivas, under the supervision of head of the paediatrics department Sukanta Chatterjee,” said deputy superintendent A.N. Biswas.

But what will the hospital do with the baby' “Already, several childless couples have approached us to take away the baby from our custody. But we cannot make any move without the juvenile court’s permission,” clarified Biswas, adding that they would be writing to the department concerned, seeking an opinion on the sensitive matter.

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