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‘Menacing’ Tom angers UK body

London, Feb. 12 (Reuters): A British watchdog rapped film maker Twentieth Century Fox today for sending out a “menacing” mobile phone advertisement featuring the voice of actor Tom Cruise.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticised the company’s home entertainment arm after receiving 18 complaints from people who received the advert for the video and DVD release of the film Minority Report on their mobile phones.

The message used a short clip from the film beginning with a man’s voice drawing breath before Cruise asks: “Where’s my Minority Report'”

He then breathes heavily before screaming: “Do I even have one'” Moments later a woman’s voice replies: “No”.

Only at the end of the clip does the message reveal itself by stating: “Don’t miss out on your Minority Report. Buy it now on DVD and video.”

Complainants said they found the advert “offensive” and felt it could have caused distress by not making it clear it was a promotion. Others objected to having to pay to retrieve the advertisement from their voicemail.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment said the message had been sent only to people who registered their contact details on the company’s website and asked for information about film and DVD releases.

It said the people targeted would have known the film and would “be familiar with Tom Cruise’s voice”.

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