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Asia rejects Osama call, decries war
Asian leaders and religious elders have rejected a call reportedly made by al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden for a violent response to any US attack on Iraq, but some warned that a war might fuel Muslim radicals. ...  | Read.. 
17 killed in Afghan raids
Provincal Afghan authorities said at least 17 civilians had been killed in bombing raids by US-led forces that Washington says are aimed at rooting out remnants of the Taliba ...  | Read.. 
France rejects Nato standoff compromise
France shot down a compromise today aimed at breaking Nato’s deadlock over planning protection for Turkey in case of a U.S.-led war on Iraq, dashing hopes for an early end to ...  | Read.. 
Universe’s exact age determined
Scientists using a robotic Nasa probe have determined with precision the age of the universe — 13.7 billion years — and figured out when stars began to shine. ...  | Read.. 
Baron, an Afghan Hound, waits on the sidelines during the preliminary showmanship competition at the 127th Westminster Kennel Club dog show at New Yo ...  | Read
Jackson prayer
Dead right
Seal hearts
Rental row
Scientists on a mission to unravel the chemistry of love
Philosophers and poets, put down your pens. Scientists are studying the chemistry of love. And ..  | Read.. 
‘Menacing’ Tom angers UK body
A British watchdog rapped film maker Twentieth Century Fox today for sending out a “menacing” mobil..  | Read.. 
Italy frees Pakistan detainees
An Italian judge ordered the release today of 28 Pakistanis ...  | Read.. 

‘Deep Throat’ suspect in Nixon team dies
Ronald Ziegler, the press secretary to President Richard Ni ...  | Read.. 

Tiger arms smuggling worries US
The US said today a recent attempt by Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tig ...  | Read.. 

N. Korea indicted, case goes to UN council
The governing board of the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency dec ...  | Read..