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TEENAGE HAUNT: The bottle is moving to our backyard

System hurdle in examination path

Education is our fundamental right. So, is it not odd that a student has to appear in the Higher Secondary examination with a court order in hand (Year’s grace gift for student, Metro, January 10)' Protima didn’t appear in last year’s examination since the doctors of Calcutta could not correctly diagnose her.

Nobody invites a disease. Had she not gone for surgery, she would have appeared for the examination in 2002 itself. Then why was she restrained from taking the test this year and offered a fresh eligibility test'

Protima belongs to a family which has the guts to stand up to the system. This is why she has dared to challenge the created rules of the Council. But those who belong to poor families with hardly any money to fight the Council have to silently suffer such atrocities.

Subhasish Majumdar,


Price of a swig

Bravo, excise minister Prabodh Sinha, for his move to allow soft drinks sellers to stock and sell beer at our doorstep (Buy a beer from the colawallah, Metro, January 3). And this despite the knowledge that consumption of alcohol has such ill effects. The state government seems adamant to earn more revenue from alcohol excise duty, such is its bankruptcy — financial and moral.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Unhealthy sign

It is distressing to note that the PWD authorities are turning a deaf ear to requests to undertake repairs of hospital premises (PWD blind to RG Kar plight, Metro, January 14). Recently, a concrete slab fell on an old lady in the outdoor section. This attitude sends a signal that people at the helm of affairs are indifferent to the fate of those who cannot afford to go to nursing homes.

Tathagata Kar,

Kailash Bose Street.

Playing a strong hand

Apropos the report ‘Mamata to tame teasers’ (Metro, January 16), it is good to learn that Trinamul chairperson Mamata Banerjee has decided to launch a campaign against eve-teasing. Given that the menace is on the rise in the city, the Trinamul leader’s move deserves to be applauded if she is serious about it. Other political parties and social organisations should also follow her example.

Prahlad Agarwala,

Majdia, Nadia.

Lawless antics


Your report ‘Look who’s preaching!’ (Metro, January 15) was indeed amusing. To preach and not to practise — Calcutta Police is no exception to the proverb. Does the police commissioner have an answer' Discipline has to come from within and cannot be forcibly injected.

T.R. Anand,

Address not given.


We, the owners of the cinema hall, Shivam, in Salt Lake, were shocked to find the article ‘Star-crossed Salt Lake cinema fans civic discord’ (Metro, January 30). We pride ourselves in having developed the hall building from our own resources. We do not have any contractual obligation with ‘Variable Energy Cyclotrone Centre’. After the completion of the building as per the technical norms of Bidhannagar Municipality, we have already been issued the requisite completion certificate by the Corporation. Also, any proposal by anyone to dispose of the hall is completely illegal and we, being the legal owners, are at liberty to take legal steps against all concerned. The hall building was never turned into a godown, as alleged. In fact, we are in the process of opening the hall on May 4, 2003, a fact already communicated to the Bidhannagar Municipality.

Binayak Paul Chowdhury,

Managing Director

Paul Choudhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd

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