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Red faces

The organisers were in for a major embarrassment when some foreign delegates objected to the use of “jihadi terrorism” when the New Delhi Declaration Of Youth Against Terrorism was being adopted.

Delegates from Saudi Arab, Algeria, Sudan and Indonesia objected to the words, embarrassing Arun Jaitley, who was in the chair.

This was not the end of it as representatives from Iran said there was need to properly define words such as terrorism and war as they felt that they are abused more than used.

The South Africans had their own take to make the faces of the organisers go a deeper red. They said this was not the first international conference on terrorism as several countries had hosted similar events earlier.

Many delegates felt the Delhi Declaration should have mentioned the need for a peaceful resolution to the Iraq imbroglio.

Anticipating that things were getting out of hand, Arun Jaitley got the declaration passed quickly as a majority of the audience were members of the youth wing of the BJP, which organised the conference.

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