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115 examiners taken off Madhyamik list
- Marks mess 2002 galvanises board

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has struck off its panel the names of more than 100 examiners and 15 head-examiners for Madhyamik 2003. Many of them lacked experience and the rest had serious complaints against them, Board officials said.

The Board has also set up a fresh team for computation of marksheets, in the wake of last year’s mess. An alternative team of computer experts will also be kept ready, in the event of any serious trouble over computation of marks.

“We aim at correcting the mistakes committed last year. We have learnt a lesson from these errors and have gone for a thorough overhauling of the evaluation system to make it foolproof,’’ said Board president Dibyendu Hota.

In 2002, the state government had to face the wrath of hundreds of examinees for the marksheet mess. According to education department officials, the Board got wiser after a large number of candidates moved Calcutta High Court and got verdicts in their favour.

“We were very alert in selecting the examiners and head-examiners this time. Only teachers with at least five years’ experience in teaching a particular subject have been made examiners. Besides, teachers, against whom any complaint or inquiry is pending, have been kept out of the panel. In short, we are trying to make the evaluation system as faultless as far as possible,’’ the Board president said.

In another development, Board officials have decided to distribute fewer scripts to each examiner, in a bid to reduce pressure on them and ensure better performance by them. Each examiner in the science group will be given 100 to 150 answer-scripts and 150 to 200 papers in the language groups.

Last year, an examiner was given an average of about 200 scripts. Nearly 600,000 candidates will write the examination, beginning on March 3.

To ensure proper evaluation and check any error made by the examiners, the Board has also engaged a sufficient number of head-examiners to scrutinise the evaluated scripts.

There will be one head examiner over 20 examiners for each subject. This apart, a sufficient number of teachers and head-examiners will be on standby to tackle an emergency or speed up the process.

The Board will start imparting special training and instructions to all the examiners and head-examiners from next week. Besides, the computation team will also undergo a refresher course on their job.

School education minister Kanti Biswas said the Madhyamik Board had “rectified last year’s mistakes and will see to it that these do not recur. We have taken all possible measures to ensure proper evaluation of the answer-scripts of every examinee,” Biswas said.

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