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Cops lonely, low on morale

AJAY NAND, additional superintendent of police (Salt Lake) met readers of The Telegraph at Bidhannagar North police station last week to answer their queries. Participants included Sukumar Samanta, P.K. Chowdhury, Diptimoy Ghosh, Ajoy Pal, Haribhusan Mazumdar, K.K. Pandit and P. Khan

Ajoy Pal: At times, the police do not react promptly and so the criminals flee.

“Delayed reaction” can be caused by various factors, including lack of orientation programmes and leadership, lack of confidence among the staff, poor health and so on.

Apart from all that, think of the gruelling duty hours. After duty at a stretch, the constables hardly have the energy to maintain any health regimen. In addition, as the constables have to stay away from their families, they often lose motivation. This problem can be solved if proper barracks are built for them.

Ajoy Pal: The posting of a traffic guard at Lake Town has cut the number of accidents. But the guards leave their posts much before the scheduled hour. They are supposed to stay till 11 pm, but none of them is found then.

I shall verify whether the policemen on duty leave their posts before the scheduled hour. If it is a fact, I shall take drastic action against the errant men.

Ajoy Pal: The signboard of Bidhannagar (North) police station cannot be seen as the neon lights are not functioning.

I shall see to it that the glosign of the police station remains lit at night so people can see it from a distance.

P.K. Chowdhury: In some blocks, drivers park their lorries for the night. They even stay on for a day or two, which is a bother for other residents.

We have detained some lorry drivers for stealing mud. But we must look into the problem you have mentioned. No lorry can unnecessarily be parked in any block.

P.K. Chowdhury: There are two rickshaw stands at Karunamoyee, and the pullers create unnecessary trouble while picking up passengers. Will you please take stepsagainst this'

I shall ask the local police to see that the rickshaw-pullers do not create any problem. In an area, there should not be more than one rickshaw stand and every rickshaw-puller must have valid permission.

Diptimoy Ghosh: First Avenue is difficult to navigate on foot.

We will have traffic-guiding signboards at vital points. We plan to trim some of the islands.

Diptimoy Ghosh:Buses are often driven quite rashly.

You can say that rash driving is a bane everywhere. To sort out the problem, we shall have to talk to the drivers and owners of buses. Actually, to root out this problem, we need a multi-divisional approach. We need to sit with the owners, drivers and the municipal authorities.

Diptimoy Ghosh: Petty theft has made it is unsafe to sleep with the windows open.

That is not true. We have already arrested a number of persons for theft and burglary.

Diptimoy Ghosh: How does one find help in an emergency'

One can dial 100 to contact us and furnish details of the problem. If required, we can send a doctor to the ailing person.

Haribhusan Mazumdar: In Karunamoyee, some youths collect hefty amounts from passengers of the Bangladesh bus by providing them with taxis.

First of all, there should be a pre-paid taxi booth there for the benefit of the foreigners. In addition, there should be a policeman posted on the spot to regulate the whole thing. I shall see to it that this menace is stopped immediately.

K.K.Pandit: A person building a house is forced by a section of youths to buy construction material from them.

This is an old problem. But I shall request you to lodge a complaint, because if we start a suo motu case, we will face a lot of unnecessary hassles.

P. Khan: Block officers are changed and residents aren’t told the successor’s name.

I have asked the officer-in-charge of every police station to introduce the block officers around so that his help can be taken in case of need.

P. Khan: The night police mobile van is missing.

We are running short of vans at the moment.

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