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A peep into an introvert’s world

Tom Roy is an artist who doesn’t need any formal introduction. Those who like his works proclaim him a genius, others refer to him as ‘controversial’ and a ‘rebel’ artist. Roy is a man who likes to maintain his privacy. “A monarch” of all he surveys, he dictates his life and works according to his own terms. That is precisely the reason why despite two major successful exhibitions in the ’90s, Roy suddenly withdrew from the world of art — a field he was passionately involved with since his childhood. He went into hibernation for more than a decade. After 11 years, he is back again with this exhibition before bidding adieu to his world of art. The creative urge in Roy reaches its zenith as he gets all set for his swan song. His paintings are a revelation indeed — each work is reflection of the unique streak of imagination, versatility and sensitivity of the artist that is not restrained by any formal discipline of art. Roy’s paintings spring from a fountainhead of spirituality and attempt to break away from the ordinary. Presented by Spandan Art Gallery in collaboration with Matrix International.

When: Today at 7 pm

Where: Spandan Art Gallery, 87, Park Street, 1st Floor

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