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Kasparov escapes with draw

New York: Garri Kasparov, the world’s top- rated chess player, and computer opponent Deep Junior tied the fifth game of their Man vs Machine series, playing just 19 moves.

The six-game series remains tied at two-games apiece. The final game of the match — which could end in a draw — is set for Friday.

In the tenth move of the game Wednesday, the Israeli- programmed Deep Junior sacrificed, or exposed, its bishop to Kasparov’s king to draw the piece into a vulnerable position.

The king was then repeatedly attacked by Deep Junior’s knight, keeping it in check. The repetition of moves forced a draw in nine more moves. “I didn’t feel comfortable at all,” Kasparov said.

Experts watching the game said Kasparov was forced into a no-way-out situation and none of his other pieces could help him.

“In order to defend, Kasparov had to go through quite a few confrontations,” said John Fernandes, a chess consultant for x3d Technologies. “If there was a win, it’s very, very difficult to find.” (AP)

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