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Powell fails to sway Council sceptics
Despite a dramatic presentation by secretary of state Colin Powell of Iraqi attempts to thwart UN inspections, key Security Council members did not budge from their opposition to war. ...  | Read.. 
Shuttle theory under cloud
Nasa officials have expressed doubt that a piece of foam debris from the external fuel tank that struck Columbia during its lift-off could have led to the destruct ...  | Read.. 
Vatican fears wave of terrorism
Pope John Paul’s pointman for peace said today an attack on Iraq would unleash terrorism and kill civilians and called the latest evidence by US secretary of state Colin Powe ...  | Read.. 
UK arrests
British police said they arrested seven people today in the latest of a series of counter-terrorism raids around the country. ...  | Read.. 
Actor George Clooney gestures during a news conference in Rome on Thursday. Clooney was in the Italian capital to promote his two latest films — Co ...  | Read
Stolen life vests
Rap for Ice-T
Job fear
Race blot on British melting pot record
Race hate crime in “melting pot” Britain rose by a fifth last year, according to the first official..  | Read.. 
No-frills Mandela to hit the art circuit
Nobel peace laureate, visionary statesman, famous political prisoner — hot new global art sensation..  | Read.. 
Retirement after dogged devotion
While Japan’s elderly fret over a planned cut in state pens ...  | Read.. 

Virgin, Love make up after sorry
Courtney Love, the American rock singer cautioned by Britis ...  | Read.. 

N. Korea reactor row
North Korea says it has restarted — or is poised to restart ...  | Read..