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Private agency for property tax

Calcutta’s civic authorities have decided to engage a private agency to re-evaluate properties and revise the tax structure.

The agency will also assess tax on the basis of the location of the property. Things like the visibility factor of the property, too, will be taken into account.

The private firm will first take up a pilot project of re-evaluating properties in the Park Street, Beniapukur, Mullickbazar, Ripon Street and Elliot Road areas, covering wards 61, 62 and 63.

Under the new system, the areas will be divided into geographical zones. “There will be no flat rate for everyone living in the vicinity of Park Street. If someone lives in a narrow lane or a blind alley, his tax will definitely be less than those living on Park Street proper,” said mayor Subrata Mukherjee.

He said the three wards were chosen for the pilot project as the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) earns more revenue from these wards, against others.

The CMC now determines annual tax for a house and other property on the basis of the monthly rent it can fetch if let out.

Forty per cent of the annual valuation is the tax payable in a year, as per the CMC Act of 1980.

As there is no published rent structure available with the authorities, often rents are fixed by CMC inspectors any which way they wish.

To eradicate corruption, mayor Mukherjee wants to introduce the new system, whereby the CMC will have a fixed rent structure calculated per square foot of a given property.

It will be evaluated accordingly.

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