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Abhijnyan Shakuntalam

This dance-drama is based on Kalidasa’s epic play, Abhijnyan Shakuntalam. It begins with a benediction on divine blessings, followed by the Nati’s enchanting performance. Her enchanting performance moves the Sutradhar (director) and he recalls a similar incident involving the Puru-vanshiya ruler of Hastinapur, Dushanta. Thus begins Shakuntala’s story. Once King Dushanta went on a hunting spree. He lost his way and landed at Tapovan, the abode of Sage Kanva. The sylvan surroundings mesmerised him. When he sighted Shakuntala, he instantly fell in love. The feeling was reciprocated by her. Soon the young lovers decided to tie the knot in private. After the ceremony, the king had to rush back to his kingdom on some urgent business, leaving his newly-wed wife behind. Shakuntala missed her husband and spent all her time ruminating about him. Once while she was lost in her thoughts, the ill-tempered sage Durbasa came to her cottage and summoned her. But Shakuntala couldn’t hear him. The sage felt insulted and cursed her. This was just the beginning of poor Shakuntala’s plight to re-unite with her husband. Choreographed by Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra and set to music by V. Balsara, the dance-drama is directed by Sutapa Talukdar and is a South Gurukul Society presentation.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Rabindra Sadan

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