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Voice against violence

Eleena Banik is a young, talented artist who is moved and disturbed by the constant turmoil and rise in violence worldwide. A sensitive soul, she abhors all those perpetrators of crime on humanity. She says, “As an individual, I feel insecure. As a creative woman, I feel it is my sole duty to deliver my message of peace and creativity... I am trying in my own humble way to sooth the world. I think it is better if I can sooth the world and our children with the lullabies, myths and fairytales, violence will not take birth in human mind. Everything will be creative, everything will be constructive.” My Voice Against Violence as a Woman showcases Banik’s recent installations, using different materials ranging from plastic carry bags to tents to umbrellas and sleeping bags bearing the texts of lullabies and soothing messages of peace and constructive thoughts. The exhibition will be inaugurated this evening at 6 by Erhard Zander, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Calcutta.

When: Till February 14; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Max Mueller Bhavan

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