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Hero’s triumphant return turns into nightmare
He was the newest hero of a country yearning for one, and in towns like this one across Israel today people gathered in front of their television sets, happy and expectant, to watch the homecoming of Col Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut. ...  | Read.. 
Nasa Missions
The space shuttle Columbia is launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, to begin the first shuttle mission. Its primary aims were to accomplish a safe ascent i ...  | Read.. 
‘I thought it was a sonic boom’
Residents of north Texas said they saw flames and heard a window-rattling boom today about the time the space shuttle Columbia apparently disintegrated on its way ...  | Read.. 
Israeli astronaut Col Ilan Ramon. (Reuters)
Shuttle got better as it grew older
The space shuttle Columbia was Nasa’s oldest space plane and the first of its vaunted orbita..  | Read.. 
Uneasy US gets unsettled
To sleeping Texans who heard the “boom-boom,” it was the sound of the sky falling. To the clini..  | Read..