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Bloc salvo at Red twins

Calcutta, Jan. 31: The Forward Bloc today criticised the two communist parties — the CPM and the CPI — for toeing a “pro-Congress” line and said Left forces were becoming irrelevant in Indian politics because of their opportunist policies.

The two-day central committee meeting of the Bloc, which concluded here today, also observed that the Congress was no longer a secular party as the CPM and the CPI would like to believe.

“The Congress was the second largest party and probably more powerful in Gujarat than the ruling BJP there. But the party leaders in the state remained silent after the Gujarat killings. None of the senior Congress leaders came out to protest the killings,” said Bloc general secretary Debabrata Biswas.

“The attitude of the Congress made it very clear that the party did not dare to protest the killings fearing a loss of Hindu votes. The two communist parties also compromised with the Congress in Gujarat in the run-up to the Assembly elections. How can we call the Congress a secular party'” he asked.

Biswas added that some of the Left parties in Tripura still believed that it will be easier for them to fight the “imperialist forces” with help from the Congress.

Though Biswas did not name either of the two major communist parties in the state, he clearly hinted at the CPM, which had tried to forge an electoral alliance with the Congress in Tripura.

However, the deal did not come through as the Congress had already entered into an alliance with the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), a separatist outfit.

“It is sad that many CPM workers have died in NLFT attacks in Tripura. What will the relatives of these slain comrades feel about the CPM, which has been backing the Congress in the state and in national politics'” Biswas asked.

The state secretary of the Bloc, Ashok Ghosh, said his party considered both the Congress and the BJP “reactionary and imperialist”.

“We have, therefore, decided not to support the Congress to oust the BJP from power. Neither would we side with the BJP in future to oppose the Congress. To us, both the parties are reactionary forces and we feel only strengthening the Left and secular forces will enable us to fight the two,” said Ghosh.

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