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‘The allegation is baseless’
Rail official, on rumours that the gateman was to blame for the Park Circus mishap

Rail rage over fatal crossing
An 18-year-old boy was killed while three women and two girls were seriously injured when they were trapped between two speeding trains coming from opposite directions at a level crossing near Park Circus station on Thursday morning. Railway official...  | Read.. 
Plot a Tom and Jerry fight, pen in hand
“Sometimes a script itself is so beautiful, it’s like a novel. Like in Casablanca.” The broad-shouldered speaker turne...  | Read.. 
Showcause slap on lawyers
Calcutta High Court on Thursday asked 25 leading members of its Bar Council to show cause why action should not be initiated ...  | Read.. 
Blackout in cableman snap spree
Nearly a million cable homes in Calcutta and its fringe areas under the RPG Netcom umbrella were held to ransom on Thursday b...  | Read.. 
Sip and snack in tram on track
Banalata success formula fuels plan for tea salon in streetcar

Trams for heritage rides, trams for wedding parties, trams for a leisurely cup of tea… ...  | Read.. 
Kanan Debi had played Mejdidi exactly 50 years ago. Now, Debashree Roy has slipped into the role, under the direction of Santimoy Bandopadhyay. ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, January 31, 2003
Road to avoid
Film talk
On stage
Pinky and Asha Mary
Pinky and Asha Mary has been inspired by Fr...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
You are dynamic, creative and passionate. Teamwork will yield positive results. Spare time ...Read.. 
Guest Column
Memories die hard, specially those steeped in betel nut juice, kite-flying afternoons and whistles ...  | Read.. 
Rogue cops face Sec. 304 chargesheet
The detective department has set itself a mid-February deadline for submit...  | Read.. 

Impromptu, but inspired by life
A group of children, growing up in the midst of war, plays with shrapnel fr...  | Read.. 

Water tax meets its Waterloo
Mayor Subrata Mukherjee’s council members have vetoed his decision to impos...  | Read.. 

Teachers hit the road
Teachers of Jadavpur University came out of their classes and on the stree...  | Read.. 

At Book Fair, check out World Bank
In the heart of Marxist country and barely 10 metres away from the Cuba sta...  | Read.. 

Anti-graft vigil heat turned up on doctors
‘Surprise checks’ will be made at the five major government hospitals in th...  | Read.. 

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Passports in tout hands, warn cops
Arrested for theft, robbery
Rally stopped
Armed goons held
Tracks blocked
Clash over TV
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Tickets to ride run out of season
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