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Valentine speed

Paris, Jan. 29 (Reuters): Afraid of being alone on Valentine’s Day' Head for Paris and the Galeries Lafayette department store.

The store is inviting those seeking instant love to a marathon dating session on February 13 for seven-minute tete-a-tetes with seven potential partners.

If any of the pairs hit it off, a “speed dating” service will e-mail the prospective couple each other’s contact details the next morning — just in time to celebrate the day of the patron saint of lovers together.

Those too busy or too shy to take this short cut to happiness can post their photos and phone numbers on a special wall in the store.

A hairdresser and a make-up artist will be on hand to make the advertisers look their best in the snapshots.

Pig happy

London (Reuters): England’s farmers must keep their pigs happy with toys and straw or face a big fine, the government said on Wednesday. Farmers have been told to put a football, metal chains or hay in their pigsties to provide “environmental enrichment” for their animals. The ruling, originally from the European Commission and now being passed into law at home, is designed to stop pigs from getting bored and attacking each other.

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