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Grip, wrist action key to swing



I am a medium pacer. I wish to know the basics of swinging the ball. Please help. (Suraj Deka, 17, Tezpur)

A good grip and wrist action and a good action at the time of delivery.

I am a leg spinner, but whenever I try to bowl a straight one, I end up with a wide. Why does this happen' (Vikash Sharma, 18, Calcutta-7)

Check the timing of the release. Also your head position may be faulty at the time of delivery. Itís very important you watch the spot where you want the ball to land.

I am a righthanded batsman. Whenever I attempt a cover drive I end up hitting into the hands of cover or extra cover. Please help. (Rahul Sinha, 11, Ranchi)

You are lifting your head early at the time of playing the shot. Also, you are not getting your foot to the pitch of the ball.

I am a righthanded batsman. I face problems while driving against pacers. Please help. (Ankur Rawat, 14, Varanasi)

Get your feet in the right position. Get a good stride forward and donít try and hit the ball too hard.

I am a righthanded batsman and often find it tough to tackle the swinging deliveries. Please help. (Ankit Guha, Calcutta-6)

You need to watch the ball closely with a still head. Also watch the bowlerís hand closely and try to establish where your off-stump is.

I am a righthanded batsman. I often get dismissed by the inswinging yorker. How do I dig the ball out' (S. Das, 14, Calcutta-9)

Watch the ball out of the bowlerís hand. And check your backlift.

How can one improve close catching' (Suresh Ram, 14, Patna)

Constant practice. Try and take about 100 catches a day. Itís the best practice.

I am a fast bowler. I have been diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left ankle. Will it be advisable to continue fast bowling' (Rakesh Sharma, 17, Calcutta)

Take complete rest. Then strengthen the ligaments around the ankle before you get into action. Think positively as there is absolutely no reason why you cannot bowl fast again.

I am a medium pacer and my coach insists that I change my action to get more side on. I, however, wish to continue with the open chested style. Please suggest a remedy. (Tapas Bose, 16, Calcutta)

Listen to your coach and work out an action you are most comfortable with and effective.

I am 12 and have just started cricket. I wish to know if I should start with a light bat. (Subroto Das, Asansol)

You have to feel comfortable and thatís the most important thing. Use a weight whereby you can comfortably lift the bat and play your shots.

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