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Cousin held for role in college girl’s killing

At first, it seemed a love triangle, the story of a boy betrayed by his lover who had chosen another partner, keeping him in the dark. The motive for the killing, the police said, was revenge.

A few days later, the plot thickened, with the entry of a mystery woman. The police insisted she was involved in the crime. On Sunday, they arrested Minakshi Sarkar, cousin of Papia Sarkar, a second-year student of Thakurpukur’s Vivekananda College, whose body was found with the throat slit near her home in Usthi last week.

The police say Minakshi, also a second-year student but in Diamond Harbour’s Fakir Chand College, is part of the conspiracy to kill Papia, and has even confessed to it. Yet, there are too many unanswered questions in the story the cops have stitched together.

First, a recap of Papia’s story. The police say, on the basis of interrogation of neighbours and the diaries and love-letters seized from her cupboard, that Papia had a childhood lover who she got over after she joined college and met a “more educated and cultured” boy. However, she did not have the courage to tell him about it and carried on a “dual relationship”. Initially, the police had said that the childhood lover realised he was being hoodwinked and that this could be the reason for a “revenge killing”. But after the arrest of Minakshi, the story changes substantially.

Minakshi, the police say, was also in love with Papia’s childhood lover. But Papia had stood in the way. When Minakshi found out about Papia’s new boyfriend, she asked her to stand aside so she could have the man. Papia, apparently, refused. This is when, the police say, Minakshi “somehow” became part of the plot to eliminate Papia.

Minakshi may have wanted Papia’s childhood lover, but what about the young man' Did he want Minakshi' If he did, wouldn’t he have simply dumped Papia' Why team up with Minakshi to kill Papia'

Also, the police now say that Minakshi and Papia loved the same person. In that case, why would Papia get close to another boy after joining college' “The answers will emerge with the arrest of the two boys,” said Diamond Harbour’s sub-divisional police officer Mehmood Akhtar.

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