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‘If I am guilty, as the CBI says I am, then let them prove it’
Bank clerk sacked 22 years ago for defalcation

Clerk in 22-year wait for justice
He may or may not have committed a crime. That the court will decide and, accordingly, punish or exonerate him. But for the past 22 years, Diptendra Roy Choudhury, a 48-year-old bank clerk, has been waiting for the CBI to gather evidence so that the ...  | Read.. 
Mayor scraps inspection raj
Pay the civic body and start your business. You don’t need to bribe the civic inspector any longer. That, at least, is how m...  | Read.. 
Watch out for Kalam cavalcade
...  | Read.. 
Far from JU, still a graduate
Jadavpur University (JU) is preparing itself to introduce a ‘distance education system’ from the next academic session. The e...  | Read.. 
Teachers’ pet targets protector’s role
Midnapore dropout, son of domestic help, sweeps class finals in city school

“I can’t go back to school… All of the boys and girls stay away from me because I don’t have clean clothes.” Bikash Sengupta ...  | Read.. 
The ‘historian-filmmaker’ is back. Shyam Benegal hit the Tollygunge studios on Monday for Netaji: The Last Hero. The director checked out the s ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Roads to avoid
When music ruleth the senses
An evening of Indian Classical music, organised...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Geena Davis. You might benefit from a friend’s generosity. There may be some radical changes ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Strike fear in those who jeer...  | Read.. 
Caprices woven with fresh colours and lines
After working for years with physical forms, Amal Ghosh has sought to break...  | Read.. 

Delhi prod on food drive
The Centre has asked the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) for a report ...  | Read.. 

Eco does it, so learn and earn
A few pieces of wood, handfuls of hay and a creative mind are all it takes ...  | Read.. 

Counsel clinic for pacemaker patients
M.B. Bose, a dental surgeon with an active practice, was suddenly getting b...  | Read.. 

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Woman hacked to death by son-in-law
Body found in lockgate canal
Youth run over
Murder at Habra
Officer dies
Road blockade
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