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Injury should not end Hingis career: Doctor

Zurich: Former world number one Martina Hingis’s ankle injury should not end her career, the surgeon who operated on the problem said on Sunday.

Zurich surgeon Heinz Buehlmann performed surgery in May last year but said in an interview with Sonntags Blick newspaper that the problem had healed perfectly. Buehlmann added that providing Hingis could train through an initial pain barrier the 22-year-old would return to the world stage.

“Martina can play again,” said Buehlmann, who said the five-time Grand Slam winner is suffering from inflammation of her left foot. “Martina has had this problem for four years, but the joints of Martina’s foot which was operated on is absolutely okay.

“From a medical point of view a comeback would be no problem, but Martina would have to grit her teeth.

“She would have to be prepared for some pain. I know Martina very well. I know from the past that she can come back. But whether she wants that, I do not know.”

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