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Fun with Schroeder

Berlin, Jan. 14 (Reuters): A new Internet game is poking fun at German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s unpopular tax increases, challenging players to yank the shirts off the backs of unsuspecting shoppers with a hook.

It follows the “last shirt for Schroeder” campaign last year when thousands of Germans who thought Schroeder wanted to tear the last shirt off their backs with his plans to raise taxes sent shirts to his office in protest.

the cartoon chancellor, shown with Schroeder’s trademark smile and clad in a trenchcoat, successfully grabs a shirt from a passer-by at a supermarket parking lot, he lets out a delighted and infectious laugh. “I’ll get you too in the end, matey,” a faithful imitation of his voice calls out whenever the player fails to hook a shirt.

The game, devised by a group of web game developers, can be accessed at

Hero hurrah

Beijing (Reuters): Acclaimed director Zhang Yimou’s star-studded martial arts epic, Hero, has smashed China’s box office record for tickets sold. The film, about a plot to kill the brutal but venerated emperor, Qin Shihuang, who united China in 221 BC, had raked in 210 million yuan ($25.37 million) since its release three weeks ago, Yu Yuxi, general manager of Beijing New Picture Film Co Ltd, which co-produced the film, said.

Life or Death Decision, an anti-corruption film that took in 120 million yuan in ticket sales, was the previous highest-grossing domestic film.

Ghostly rot

Canberra (Reuters): Australian police said on Tuesday they were baffled by the discovery of a ghost ship full of rotting fish — but no crew or life rafts — drifting off the remote northwest coast of Australia. The 20-metre High Aim 6, registered in Taiwan and flying an Indonesian flag, was intercepted and boarded by the Australian navy last week about 300 km west of the fishing port of Broome after it was spotted drifting aimlessly.

Nicole star

Los Angeles (AFP): Australian actress Nicole Kidman, whose tinseltown career is soaring on the back of a string of hits, has got her own star on Hollywood’s prestigious walk of fame. The star of 2001’s Moulin Rouge, 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut and Batman Forever (1995) saw her name cast in a bronze-inlaid stone slab unveiled in the heart of Hollywood on Monday. “I love to act and (the star is) sort of the icing on the cake, really,” Kidman, 35, said at the unveiling ceremony.

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