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Disaster cycle

Paris, Jan. 12 (AFP): The explosion in the number of divorcees and the widening trend for young people to set up home on their own rather than live with their parents could wreak destruction on earth’s wildlife, a study says.

“Rapid increase in household numbers, often manifested as urban sprawl, and resultant higher per-capita consumption in smaller households pose serious challenges to biodiversity conservation,” it warns.

Researchers led by Jianguo Liu of Michigan State University estimated population growth, the number of households and the average household size in 76 countries that have “biodiversity hotspots” — regions that are rich in threatened native species.

Toni weds

Sydney (Reuters): Australian actress Toni Collette, who played a woman obsessed with getting married in Australian comedy movie Muriel’s Wedding, has tied the knot in a Buddhist ceremony near Sydney, Australian media reported. Around 100 guests gathered to witness Collette, 30, exchange vows with Australian musician Dave Galafassi, 25, in a ceremony at the bride’s rural retreat presided over by Buddhist monks, before a vegetarian banquet and a dazzling fireworks display. In the 1994 hit comedy, Collette starred as a depressed Muriel Heslop who turned to shoplifting, Abba music and her obsession with weddings to cope with her dysfunctional family.

Sperm bank

Sydney (afp): Members of Australia’s elite Special Air Services have started having their sperm frozen ahead of an expected deployment for possible war in Iraq, a newspaper has reported. Doctors at a Sydney sperm bank told The Sun-Herald newspaper two sas commandos had contacted them over the past two weeks after learning of their possible deployment to the Gulf. “It’s a bit of insurance so that the option is there if they are incapacitated in some way while they are serving overseas,” Geoff Driscoll of ivf Australia told the newspaper. “It’s happened before in times of crisis that defence force personnel have thought ahead and decided to freeze their sperm,” he said. “When they get back home safely they let us know and we throw it away,” he said.

Cruise woos

Auckland (AFP): Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise may have to do some peace-talking after Maoris complained about the use of their local icon Mount Taranaki in his latest blockbuster The Last Samurai, a a newspaper report said. The row has the potential to cause problems for the production company, which said last year it chose the west coast region on New Zealand’s north island because Taranaki was similar in shape to Mount Fujiyama in Japan. Cruise is likely to tour Marae (Maori tribal meeting houses) in the area to placate Maoris.

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