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Stork stench

Bangkok, Jan. 10 (Reuters): A Thai village is in a flap over thousands of migrating storks and the stench from the birds’ droppings, which has forced villagers to wear face masks and block doors and windows to keep out the suffocating smell.

Officials in Ban Tan, a village about 60 km north of Bangkok, say they have no idea how to protect the village from the birds, which have built nests on rooftops and in trees after flying south for the winter.

“The smell is so bad we are worrying about the affect it will have on the children’s health,” Weerachart Malai, headmaster of the village school, said. The storks are a protected species so cannot be harmed, but they are making life intolerable in the village.

Heavy fine

London (Reuters): A woman in Scotland has emerged as one of the world’s most prolific parking offenders. The so-far unnamed driver has forked out a staggering £12,000 pounds ($19,300) in fines over the past three years, but still carries on leaving her car on Glasgow’s main square almost every day without paying. A year’s season ticket to the nearby car park costs just £1,800. A Glasgow city council spokesman said the woman owes a further £8,000 on each of her two family cars. “She wouldn’t bother to go to the ticket machine and she would get the penalty notice slapped on her windscreen,” he said.

Theft girth

Berlin (Reuters): A thief who seemed to gain weight dramatically during a shopping spree was caught wearing a stolen pullover, shirt, jacket, swimming trunks and several pairs of underpants, German police said on Wednesday. Police officers in the western town of Leverkusen noticed the 22-year-old Polish man walking in the bitter cold wearing only a thin jacket, and followed him into two department stores.

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