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Anti-war Scorsese

London, Jan 9 (Reuters): Martin Scorsese took time out from promoting his latest movie Gangs of New York” today to add his name to a growing list of celebrities opposing a possible US-led war on Iraq.

“One hopes that this kind of war can be done diplomatically, with intelligence rather than wiping out a lot of innocent civilians,” Scorsese told BBC radio. In doing so, the creator of such violent epics as Taxi Driver and GoodFellas joined the swelling ranks of celebrities who have voiced opposition to any attack.

US President George W. Bush has threatened war to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein if Baghdad fails to abandon his alleged doomsday arsenal, which Iraq denies having.

British singer George Michael made his opinion felt last year with a video portraying US President George W. Bush as a cowboy, while other dissidents include singer Barbara Streisand and Hollywood stars Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn.

Scorsese is currently riding high on a wave of critical acclaim for his latest film which portrays gang warfare in 19th century Manhattan and took 30 years from conception to its US launch in December.

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