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Liquor rebuke met with bullet in chest

He shouted at his drunken subordinate. And that was cause enough to silence him forever.

A 37-year-old supervisor of security guards at a private firm in Madhyamgram, on the city’s northern fringes, was shot dead by one of his subordinates, allegedly in an inebriated state.

The subordinate simply shot his boss in the chest for protesting against his habit of drinking on the job.

After preliminary investigations, the police found that Anil Tiwari, 27, had reported for work on Wednesday around 9.30 pm in an intoxicated state. “Rudranarayan Tiwari, the in-charge, had no inkling that Anil was drunk. As soon as he was informed, Tiwari started shouting and an altercation broke out between the two, resulting in the shooting,” said Swapan Parnapatra, deputy superintendent of police (headquarters), North 24-Parganas district.

Elaborating on the incident, Parnapatra said four guards under Tiwari’s supervision had gone on duty, like any other evening. “Initally, Anil was posted on the eastern corner of the premises, while his boss was patrolling the opposite end. But after half-an-hour, Anil, along with two of his colleagues, entered a small room, had a quick drink and went to sleep,” said Parnapatra.

Sources at the Madhyamgram Investigation Centre, which is probing the case, said that Tiwari came to patrol the eastern portion of the premises, but he found no one there. “After combing the area, he finally caught Anil and the two others sleeping,” said an official.

The supervisor charged Anil and the other two with negligence of duty. “Anil, who was armed, came forward and started an argument, while the other two watched from a distance. In course of the argument, Tiwari realised that Anil was drunk. He demanded an explanation,” said Parnapatra.

He added: “Anil told Tiwari that the chill outside had prompted him to take a few shots of alcohol.”

At this, Tiwari threatened to suspend Anil from duty. According to the statement provided by the other guards, Anil, known for his quick temper, picked up his service rifle and aimed at Tiwari. “Before anyone could react, Anil pulled the trigger. The supervisor died on the spot, as the bullet went through his chest,” the guards told the police.

As soon as Tiwari slumped to the ground, Anil regained his senses and escaped from the company compound.

Later, the other two guards informed the company officials, who then called in the police. According to Parnapatra, a massive hunt is on to track down Anil, who hails from Bihar.

“We have carried out extensive raids in different hideouts in Calcutta and the fringe areas. The other guards who witnessed the entire episode have been detained for interrogation. Some leads have started coming in. We hope to net Anil in a day or two,” Parnapatra added.

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