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A bouquet of Hindi plays

Come winter and city theatre lovers look forward to the festival of NSD (National School of Drama, New Delhi) plays, hosted annually by Spandan. This year, the festival features three plays and connoisseurs get an opportunity to witness interesting and quality plays by the foremost theatre institute in the country. The festival begins tomorrow with Machhindra More’s play Jane-Mann (picture here). The play deals with the eunuch community. Considered dregs and outcastes of the society, they are always the butt of ridicule and neglect. Feared by the rest of the society, these people have created their own social order. The play tries to penetrate deep into their lives and explore their pain and trauma arising out of alienation and loneliness. The play is directed by Waman Kendre. On January 11, Dimage Hasti Dil Ki Basti Hai Kahan Hai Kahan by Mahendra Bhalla will be staged. Directed by Ram Gopal Bajaj, the play depicts the crisis of contemporary society where the elderly are pushed to the periphery of society and become victims of modernism. The fest concludes on January 12 with Ek Violin Samandar Ke Kinare by Krishan Chandra. Directed by Suresh Sharma, the play deals with generation gap, change of values, morals and ideas through a very simple and poetic love story.

When: January 10 - 12 at 6.30 pm

Where: Gyan Manch (Jan 10) & G.D. Birla Sabhagar (Jan. 11 & 12)

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