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Cloned babies a hoax: Scribe

Washington, Jan. 7 (Reuters): The independent scientist and journalist brought in by Clonaid to verify its successful cloning of a human denounced their claim today as a possible “elaborate hoax” and halted his review.

Michael Guillen, a physicist and freelance journalist, said the company, Clonaid, had not given him access to the family of the first cloned baby it claimed was born to an American mother. Guillen, a former ABC science journalist, was to select the independent experts who would perform the genetic testing needed to prove the existence of a clone.

Clonaid, linked with a group that believes life on Earth was originally cloned by aliens, said two women had given birth to babies it had cloned. It at first said it would present DNA evidence but has delayed doing so.

“This morning, I suspended the independent review process designed to determine whether or not a cloned human baby has been born,” Guillen said in a statement.

“The team of scientists has had no access to the alleged family and, therefore, cannot verify first-hand the claim that a human baby has been cloned. In other words, it’s still entirely possible Clonaid’s announcement is part of an elaborate hoax intended to bring publicity to the Raelian movement.”

Leading scientists around the world believe the group’s claim is a hoax.

On Saturday the Dutch branch of the Raelian movement said a Dutch lesbian had given birth to a cloned baby.

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