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Calcutta Column

Reserve cash in better care

The Calcutta branch of Reserve Bank of India should try and tighten its security cover. Very often, I get to see trunks, stacked with cash and other valuables, being taken out from the bank in the mornings. The men in charge of security can be seen standing in front, smoking casually. With the recent spurt in robbery in the city, it wouldn’t be shocking if something unpleasant occurs at the Reserve Bank. Why can’t the security system be revamped' Instead of keeping the trunks loaded with money out in public, special arrangements can be made to make such transactions safer. Sumant Poddar, Kyd Street

Water tapped

Some residents of Lake Town have installed their pumps in such a way that they can draw water from the main line in the morning when filtered water is supplied to the area. As a result, the adjoining households almost remain dry through the day. The Corporation should take steps to check such malpractice. Name and address withheld.
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