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Tower crash scare in Frankfurt
A man hijacked a light aircraft and threatened to crash into the European Central Bank tower in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt today before landing the plane and being arrested, officials said. ...  | Read.. 
‘Axis of evil’ chooses Peter Sellers’ suburb
It is even stranger than Dr Strangelove himself. North Korea, the Stalinist dictatorship that is threatening to plunge the world into nuclear confrontation, has quietly s ...  | Read.. 
Lighten school backpacks or risk tripping
Schoolchildren who lug around heavy backpacks are more likely to get hurt tripping over them than suffer back strains from carrying them, researchers have said. ...  | Read.. 
Grandfathers of laptops go for a fortune
Yesterday’s computers, so often dumped for the next new model, have finally come to be treasured as historical artefacts. ...  | Read.. 
A Tornado fighter jet from the German Air Force flies behind the stolen light plane over Frankfurt. (AFP)
Roy Jenkins passes away
Roy Jenkins, a former Labour Party minister who had helped shape modern British politics and a form..  | Read.. 
Inspectors spring surprise
UN weapons inspectors flexed their muscles today, combing a complex housing Iraq’s arms monitoring ..  | Read.. 
Charles cuts ties with spin doctor
Mark Bolland, the media consultant credited with turnin ...  | Read.. 

Lanka talks enter decisive phase
Sri Lanka’s bid to end two decades of war has entered a key ...  | Read.. 

Israel blasts
At least 15 people were killed and dozens hurt in Israel in ...  | Read.. 

Nepal talks
The Nepalese government has asked a mediation committee to ...  | Read.. 

Clonaid chief fights shy of proof
A cloning firm founded by a UFO sect today defended its cla ...  | Read..