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Pakistan nuclear think-tank leaks
At least nine Pakistani nuclear scientists have “secretly” left the country, fuelling fears about the possibility of Islamabad’s nuclear dossier falling into wrong hands. ...  | Read.. 
Inspectors set up new Iraq base
UN arms inspectors set up a new base in northern Iraq today to speed up the hunt for alleged banned weapons as more US and British troops prepared to join comrades already ma ...  | Read.. 
Iran women begin police training
Iran has begun training its first women police officers since the 1979 Islamic revolution, the official Irna news agency said today. ...  | Read.. 
S. Korea plan to end standoff
South Korea pushed a compromise to end a nuclear standoff between North Korea and the US today as it agonised over its relationship with the world's only superpower. ...  | Read.. 
Anna Kournikova raises her hands after placing them in a plaster cast at the opening of her sponsor’s new store in Sydney on Friday. (AFP)
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Giant cake
Trick toys
Foot fault
Brooke to have first child at 37
Brooke Shields, who was previously married to the tennis player Andre Agassi, is expecting her firs..  | Read.. 
America’s avant garde director to sell cars in Britain
The avant-garde film director David Lynch, renowned for delving into the dark underbelly of the..  | Read.. 
Teen deaths brings UK gun culture in the open
Gun crime in Britain has almost doubled over the past five ...  | Read.. 

Ships collide
The body of a naval crew member was recovered today and hop ...  | Read..