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Another Time, Network work impressively

Calcutta: Another Time, Nationalistic, Assertive Dancer, Romantic Notes and Network, all of them, worked attractively in preparations for the Derby Stakes slated for Sunday. The following is the pick of the track work noted on Thursday morning:

Outer sand track

1,400m: Saladin (Rutherford) and Way To The Stars (P. Alford) in 1-42s; (1,000m) 1-12s; (400m) 31s. Former was 6 ls better. Aldridge (C. Alford) and Amicable (Shanker) in 1-43s; (1,000m) 1-13s; (400m) 31s. Level. Shining Jewel (C. Alford) in 1-53s; (400m) 31s. Easy.

1,200m: Smart Ruler (Merchant) and Discomatic (Salam) in 1-29s; (400m) 30s. They were easy as they levelled. Dancing Dreams (Tamang) in 1-29s; (400m) 28s. Moved well. Another Time (Merchant) and Primaticcio (Salam) in 1-29s; (400m) 28s. They were handy as they levelled.

1,000m: Amaryllis (Rb) in 1-15s; (400m) 32s. Was easy. Grand Lodge (P. Alford) and Toe Poke (Gowli) in 1-11s; (400m) 29s. Former levelled after starting 6 ls behind. Announcer (Shanker) and Almelo (C. Alford) in 1-13s; (400m) 29s. Former was 6 ls better. Rhapsody In Blue (Rutherford) and Hoagy (P. Alford) in 1-14s; (400m) 30s. They moved well as they levelled. Mister Twister (Rabani) and Rigged For Revenge (Islam) in 1-14s; (400m) 31s. They were level. Followme (Islam) and Onewonone (Rabani) in 1-13s; (400m) 32s. They were easy as they levelled.

800m: Calorescence (Shanker) in 1-0s; (400m) 28s. Moved well. Gul (Som S.) in 59s; (400m) 30s. Common Spirit (Merchant) and Followington (Salam) in 57s; (400m) 29s. They impressed as they spurted together. Midnight Escape (C. Alford) and Automatic (Shanker) in 55s; (400m) 29s. They were a notable pair as they worked neck and neck. Assertive Dancer (Salam) and Nationalistic (Merchant) in 55s; (400m) 28s. Former was easy as she levelled. Royal Contender (Saran) and My Dear Lady (Tamang) in 1-0s; (400m) 30s. Former was a length better and worked well. Birdís Empire (Amil) in 1-0s; (400m) 28s. Fit. Bright And Clear (Gurang) and Activity (Upadhya) in 59s; (400m) 30s. Former was 3 ls better but both went easy. Network (C. Alford) and Romantic Notes (Shanker) in 54s; (400m) 27s. Former moved on his own while finishing 4 ls better. Moon Mission (Amil) and Gallant Romeo (Gurang) in 58s; (400m) 27s. They easy while they were levelled. Regal Rocket (Yacoob) in 1-0s; (400m) 30s. Raring To Go (Yacoob) in 1-3s; (400m) 32s. Blushing Queen (Upadhya) and Brighter Future (Merchant) in 58s; (400m) 28s. Former was a length better.

600m: Star Of Ring (A. P. Singh) and Terrificco (Upadhya) in 41s; (400m) 27s. Former was a notable performer while finishing 6 ls better.

Sand track

1,200m: Accrete (Saran S.) in 1-20s; (400m) 26s. Good. Software Classic (P. Alford) in 1-20s; (400m) 26s. Moved easy.

800m: Rare Mettle (Brij S.) in 53s; (400m) 26s. Moved fluently. Pearl Dragon (Salam) and Regency Times (Yacoob) in 52s; (400m) 25s. Former was 3 ls better, both were easy.

400m: Auctioneer (K. Kumar) in 25s. Abandoned (Smith) in 25s. Starina (Rb) in 26s.

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