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Jack Ass jinx

Los Angeles, Jan. 1 (Reuters): Jack Ass says Jackass has given him a bad name.

A Montana man who legally changed his name to “Jack Ass” in 1997 has sued media giant Viacom Inc., claiming its stunt-heavy, gross-out TV show and movie Jackass had defamed his character.

a suit filed in November in Montana and posted this week on a legal website, Jack Ass, who said he changed his name to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and responsible choices, claimed Viacom was “liable for injury to my reputation that I have built and defamation of my character which I have worked so hard to create.”

The suit asks for damages of $10 million or more. Jack Ass is representing himself.

Jack Ass, a journeyman power lineman by trade, said he changed his name from Bob Craft in late 1997 as part of a personal crusade against drunk driving after his brother and a friend were killed in a car crash. Theirs was the only vehicle involved.

Alien arrest

Marseille (Reuters): A Frenchman who raced through a motorway road block, triggering a high-speed police car chase that ended in a minor crash, has blamed aliens from Mars for his reckless driving. Under police custody in a hospital in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, the 42-year-old told police he was being “chased by Martians” when he charged through a road block on the A55 motorway on Monday evening. A breathalyser test for alcohol proved negative, but police are still awaiting the results of drugs tests and a psychiatric examination.

Rachel weds

Melbourne (AP): Australian actress Rachel Griffiths married a friend of 17 years, artist Andrew Taylor, on New Year’s eve in a candle-lit ceremony in the southern city of Melbourne. Griffiths, star of the us television series Six Feet Under, for which she won a Golden Globe award last year, was married in the chapel at her old school, Star of the Sea, after a nine-month engagement. The bride was accompanied down the aisle by her mother, Anna Griffiths, in a ceremony attended by more than 140 guests. The couple were married by Griffiths’ uncle, Jesuit priest Father Andrew Hamilton, in a full Catholic ceremony. The candle-lit service was followed by a New Year’s eve party in which supper was served to 220 people at the historic Palais Theatre in the Melbourne seaside suburb of St Kilda. The newlyweds plan a weeklong honeymoon in Australia to catch up with friends before returning to the US, where Griffiths will resume filming Six Feet Under.

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