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Asylum seekers run riot in Australia camps
Australia’s asylum seeker detention centres were in turmoil today, with an attempted mass breakout and riot in a Sydney centre, an armed stand off at another and fires burning in two. ...  | Read.. 
Hamlet in Cold War role
The British foreign office considered employing Shakespeare’s Hamlet to defuse one of its worst Cold War spats with Moscow, documents released today showed. ...  | Read.. 
Jolie’s Kosovo concerns
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has said she has concerns about the security of Kosovo’s minorities after a recent three-day trip to the province to visit the UN refugee age ...  | Read.. 
US threats hamper N. Korea nuke plans
Expelled UN inspectors left North Korea today after the Communist state set alarm bells ringing by ending independent monitoring of its nuclear programme. ...  | Read.. 
A Russian student carves an ice sculpture of a cat outside the Kremlin in Moscow. (AP/PTI)
Sync with Spears
Diana driven
Fat, drunk and loving it
For the bleary-eyed able to stomach a tidbit of health news after ringing in the New Year, more Ame..  | Read.. 
Nerves taut on New Year’s eve
Cities across the world tightened security for New Year’s Eve celebrations, with the Indonesian cap..  | Read.. 
Norway faces Chandrika ire
Sri Lanka’s President accused Norway today of breaking the ...  | Read.. 

Eve and mother at home, proof promised
The head of a company that says it has produced the first h ...  | Read.. 

Pak link to America’s wanted five
Five West Asian men being hunted down by the FBI may have s ...  | Read.. 

UK honours Ridley Scott
Screen and stage star Alan Bates and film director Ridley S ...  | Read.. 

No argument for Iraq strike, says Annan
UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said today there was no arg ...  | Read.. 

Arafat fears Israeli attack
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said today he feared Is ...  | Read.. 

Pope book of poetry to be out soon
An unprecedented book of poetry written by Pope John Paul, ...  | Read..